This is a suggestion post that I have created because I have had an idea. I wanted to create my own universe but universes are big. Very big. However, I have thought of a solution. Here you can comment your ideas on the universe and if I use one of them, you will be credited. I am planning to release it on the website when it is done so you can take inspiration from it to design your own. The whole point of this site is motivation, and I am here to try and advise you on different subjects so you can gain determination and put it into your World Building. This post is purely for suggestions, and any comments that are not relevant will be deleted. Have fun!


One thought on “Suggestions”

  1. Yeah. I’m looking for a feature every week that presents us with a new idea for a sci fi technology/ futuristic concept. It can be anything but it would give me something to think about every week.


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