Siren Rag

I have composed a short ragtime piece which reflects Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag, especially in the first section. Please take time to listen and maybe learn the piece; I will be writing another one for next week. I chose the name “Siren” because I thought it was appropriate for the style of the piece. It is mainly in major keys, reflecting the creatures’ beauty and soul, but with underlying melancholic tones, reflecting the sinister side of the demon.

Please leave a comment reviewing the piece and I will try to implement your suggestions.

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Link to PDF:

Siren Rag




The Dark Web: Full Disclaimer

I do not access the Deep Web or the Dark Web in pursuit of information, and I do not encourage it. You may be putting yourself or others in danger, and you may also be risking your personal data to hackers, fraudsters, etc. Many Dark Web activities are highly illegal and you may be charged and/or arrested for various reasons. I research all of my content on the Surface Web (Normal Internet) to keep myself and others safe from harm or illegal operations. You may wish to follow these guidelines but ultimately it is your choice. I am not responsible for your actions and if you find yourself on the Deep Web or the Dark Web, please be careful with what you search for. You may find undesirable content that you may not wish to be exposed to, so please do not attempt any illegal acts/operations.

Thank you for co-operating

Internet Mysteries: Blank Room Soup.avi

Disclaimer: I do not access the Deep Web or the Dark Web and I do not encourage anyone to do so. Doing that would be careless and you risk putting yourself and others in danger. Also, I do not support illegal activity on or off the Dark Web and do not actively promote it. Thanks.

If you are like me and enjoy browsing YouTube for strange, hidden videos/images, then you will likely have come across a minute long video entitled “Blank Room Soup.avi”.

The video, uploaded by creepypaste on Jan 28 2014, has over 1 million views. Further research shows that this is not in fact, the original video. The original is actually named “freaky soup guy” and was uploaded by renaissancemen on Nov 26 2005. However, this version only has 200,000 views compared to creepypaste’s upload.

The reason I believe that this is one of the strangest videos on the internet is because it bears no logical explanation and it seems to be very different from the stereotypical obscure YouTube clips. I have looked upon a lot of different theories and have become somewhat fascinated by it, and although these theories do not provide any definitive answers, they do provide a lot of new information.

If you haven’t seen the video, watch it now here:

Blank Room Soup.avi

Freaky Soup Guy

When the video starts, we see a man with censored eyes eating a bowl of what we can assume is soup with a long, wooden spoon. He appears to be wearing a bib, but no other clothing is visible. We do not see his lower half, so we cannot determine if he is wearing anything below.

Next, a strange figure approaches, dressed in black, and wearing a huge helmet molded into a cartoon like face. The face does not have a nose or a mouth, but two deep black eyes and matching hair. The figure proceeds to stroke the man is if he is comforting him, at which point he breaks down and starts to sob.

This continues for a while until another figure dressed in the same attire enters the shot from the other side of the room. He starts to stroke the man as well, who is now becoming increasingly upset. The video ends without a conclusion.

Many have speculated that this video is some kind of internet hoax, or an art project, and this can be supported by the fact that noises can be heard in the background which sound like laughter or giggling. Many believe this is just the man sobbing, but some even think the man himself is actually laughing. However, we are unable to determine this as there is no clear evidence that this is truly what is happening.

On the other hand, many believe that the video has a darker backstory than it may seem at first. They theorize that the man and his wife were kidnapped by the two masked men, who later killed the wife. The bowl of soup we can see the man eating from does not in fact contain soup, but the remains of his wife. I personally do not believe this to be true as there is no clear source of this theory and it seems like a rushed make-believe story to scare people on the internet at 3:00 in the morning.

It is was not hard to track down the creator of these characters, Raymond Persi, who works at Disney Pixar as an animator, director, screenwriter, producer, storyboard artist and voice actor. The characters are part of an act called RayRay which first appeared in Persi’s 2006 video “RayRay-Resolution”. The last video featuring RayRay in costume form was entitled “The 12 Days of Christmas! (with Lyrics) – Presented by RayRay” and was published on Dec 25 2008.

Check out his channel:

Raymond Persi

You may notice something odd though. RayRay’s first video was published in 2006, yet “Freaky Soup Guy” was published in 2005. This is because RayRay was already established before then, and performed in several locations. After one show, Raymond Persi was upset to discover that some of the spare costumes had been stolen. This means that whoever stole the costumes is likely responsible for “Freaky Soup Guy”. Even though the video was uploaded in 2005 by renaissancemen, it is still unclear where the video actually came from or if renaissancemen actually filmed it. However, there will probably never be a solid answer.

Another video can be found, named “soup torture” (no capital letters) can be found on YouTube too. It was uploaded by adana on Sep 8 2006, and I have been unable to find any other versions of the clip.

Check it out:

Soup Torture

It features the same man, calmer now, still eating the soup, when both figures advance into the room and stand next to each other. They wait, observing for a few seconds before one of them suddenly runs toward the man. A scream is heard before the video cuts off. I am unsure whether the scream was from the charging man or the soup man but I suspect it was the charging man as you cannot see the soup man’s mouth open. Also, due to the nature of the scream, which sounds like a battle cry of sorts, I am almost certain, but not fully, that the charging man is the screamer.

This video provides no further information and if anything, all it does is thicken the mystery. I have come to the conclusion that as these videos are so obscure, lacking any context or meaning, I cannot verify what the purpose of them is, or the exact identities of any persons involved. Therefore, these videos are marked UNKNOWN for now.

I thought I would try something different in my next post because I think change is good, and I have become almost obsessed with these strange phenomenons. If you want to suggest anything, please leave a comment below this post.

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Sci-Fi World Building: Cruisers

A Cruiser is a relatively fast warship larger than a destroyer and less heavily armed than a battleship. This is its naval definition, but the same basic idea applies in Science Fiction.

Mostly, Cruisers are used for battle but can also be utilized as transport vessels. They can carry much cargo but are not as big as Freighters.

Cruisers tend to venture out into the front line of space battles, where they can board enemy ships and open fire on the opponent. A bad thing to do is to put cruisers at the back, as their intermediate weapons will not reach their targets and most likely be useless to the war effort.

Cruisers are also often used for defensive purposes, and can be tactically placed around important capital ships and space stations. They can also be positioned above planets, waiting to bombard the enemy’s land base.

Cruisers make good bombers because they are not easily stopped and their huge hulls can carry a large amount of weaponry, such as homing missiles and warheads.

Smaller cruisers are sometimes used as shuttles to transport platoons of soldiers to waiting ships above. This, however, makes them vulnerable to enemy attack from ground forces, which can include cannons and missile launchers.

Cruisers are usually equipped with basic weaponry such as surface turrets and AA guns.

The next post will be about Capital ships and Dreadnoughts.

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Sci-Fi World Building: Shuttles

A shuttle is a form of transport that travels regularly between two places. This can be a shuttle bus or a ferry, but in Sci-Fi, a shuttle is usually a small vehicle used for planet-to-planet transportation.

Usually, it fits a pilot and a few passengers but you can make them however big you want. Remember though, shuttles are typically not designed for battle and should really only be fitted with minor weaponry.

Like yesterday, I will give you an example to refer back to when you start designing your own.

The Epsilon-M6 Authority Shuttle can fit a pilot, three passengers and some small cargo. It is armed with small Ion turrets and a weak tractor beam.

It does not have a shield, but two starfighters accompany and protect it wherever it goes. It has 360 degree proton scanners and an inbuilt autopilot.

The Ship does not have much weaponry, because it was designed only to be a transport vessel. In real life, we don’t equip buses or trains with cannons or guns because it is simply not viable and unnecessary.

Only vehicles that are guaranteed to get attacked, such as military vehicles, are armed, and even then, they are not fully armed with six guns and seven turrets on each side.

This will be a short post because I couldn’t think of any more to say on the subject, and I hope the next post will offer more.

The next post will be about Cruisers, medium-sized warships often equipped with heavy weapons and defense forces.

Please leave any suggestions on the “suggestions” post if you have any.

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Sci-Fi World Building: Starfighters

Starfighters are spacecraft intended to be used like warplanes in outer space.

They are often equipped with light weaponry and minimal defense so to lower the overall cost of mass production. They are also usually quite agile, able to turn and roll flexibly and easily.

However, they are not typically fitted with hyper drives, jump drives, or warp drives. Their engines are fast enough for what they are and often have low fuel reserves.

It is important you don’t make your fighters all too powerful as this can affect how powerful or intimidating your capital ships or dreadnoughts are.

Today I will discuss one of my own designs, the IU-Class Invader Fighter, and how it works.

The IU-Class is a small ship, holding one pilot and a life support machine. It consists of a metal wire frame sphere filled with glass, and two wings jutting out either side. It is highly maneuverable and can fit through small crevices and holes.

It is equipped with two basic missile launchers (non-homing) and a Ion micro-torpedo cannon, which can fire a torpedo once every 30 seconds.

The ship has a basic shield which is easily penetrated and 360 degree object detectors.

Its top speed is 598 mph and can be used in space and in atmospheres.

It is not heavily armored with top-of-the-range defense systems or weaponry, but it is cheap and easy to produce.

A common thing to do with starfighters is to make up different variants for different purposes. You could have a bomber, a reconnaissance transport, a heavy weapons ship, etc.

This will make it seem like your starfighter lacks a lot of things the variants make up for.

Starfighters are the “infantry” in space battles, compared to the bigger ships, which may be classed as “cavalry” or “artillery”.

Starfighters are usually expendable so you don’t need to describe every one’s destruction. They are also good to use in battle, as they can make the screen seem a little more crowded, hence making the fight look bigger.

The next post will be about Shuttles, and I once again will be sharing an example with you for reference.

Please post any suggestions you have for this series or the site as a whole on the “Suggestions” post.

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Sci-Fi World Building: Governments

A government is the group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office.

Most governments in real life are somewhat corrupt, but we do not see it. Governments usually have members that exploit their power to get what they desire, but no-one complains because it is not against the law.

If you want to include governments into your Universe, then I will advise you on a few things:

  1. Never make your governments “good”. This means you should never have a government without its flaws. If you do not follow this rule, you may end up creating a group which seems unrealistic. However, you may want this to happen so later on you can reveal than in fact it is not as good as it seems. Just never make them all good.
  2. Don’t create too many evil governments. If you do this, your reader/moviegoer/player will start to get confused with all the different villains. Create one primary villainous organisation, and focus on them. That way you can move their story on faster to keep your audience interested.
  3. Don’t give your governments unlimited money. This one isn’t a major problem, it’s just something to be wary of. If you create a government who rules a single planet, it is probably unsuitable to give them 100 fleets with 3 Dreadnoughts in each one. Keep their military under control and don’t let it get out of hand. Also, be careful of their power. If you have a single planet government, don’t give them too much power, because you want to save that for the intergalactic governments. e.g. If you give the single planet government a 60km long Star Dreadnought, then for the intergalactic government, you will have to create an even bigger one, which is just ridiculous.
  4. Do not create fanatical governments. This is a big one. Lots of people do it, which is okay, but just be very cautious. No government in real life wants to take over Earth for the heck of it. They’d do it for the money and rewards. For example, in Star Wars, the Emperor takes over the entire galaxy, and for what? What is his goal? None of the films ever tell us why he did it. For power, and… that’s it.

If you follow these guidelines, you will most likely create a realistic government with interesting ideas and views. If you choose not to follow the guidelines, then it really doesn’t matter. If it seems good to you, then it probably is good.

The next few posts will be about something I generally find more fun. I have decided not to do monarchies because I didn’t see it as important enough. I have decided to base the next few posts on Star-ships, which are a signature icon of Science Fiction. I will also be analyzing different movies’ and TV series’ ships to discover their flaws and their weaknesses, so you can try to avoid them.

The next post specifically will be about Starfighters and the most common errors World builders make when designing them.

Bye 🙂