How To Find What Instrument is Right for You!

If you want to start playing an instrument, you have to ask yourself, “How long will I have to practise?”, or ,” How long will it take?” You also have to consider the long hours ahead of you trying and trying again to learn that instrument.

If you desire to learn about harmony, intervals and the way music works, I would recommend the piano or the keyboard, because they are easy to visualize notes on.

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If you love to make loud noises and create a racket, try your hand at a brass instrument such as the trumpet or the horn.

If you like delicate sounding pieces and sweet melodies, try a woodwind instrument such as the flute or the clarinet.

If you enjoy emotional or powerful music, try a string instrument such as the violin or the cello.

If you like heavy rock or metal, try the drums, the electric guitar or the bass guitar.

If you enjoy jazz music, try the saxophone or the trombone.

All in all, it is up to you which instrument, if any, you decide to play.



How to remember the notes

When reading music, one of the most important aspects is reading the note pitch. Unfortunately, it can be a pain to learn them off by heart, especially when reading in two or more different clefs. But, there is a simpler way of learning them which will allow you to figure out the positions of the notes on the stave.

Here are a few tricks to help you learn the notes:






In the Bass Clef, the notes between the lines on the stave (A, C, E, G) can be remembered as the initials for “All Cows Eat Grass”.

Image result for face notes

In the Treble Clef, the notes between the lines (F, A, C, E) spell out “Face”, and make it easier to learn.

Of course, there are other ways too, but for now, just stick to these two methods to increase your confidence when reading notation.


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