The Dark Web: Full Disclaimer

I do not access the Deep Web or the Dark Web in pursuit of information, and I do not encourage it. You may be putting yourself or others in danger, and you may also be risking your personal data to hackers, fraudsters, etc. Many Dark Web activities are highly illegal and you may be charged and/or arrested for various reasons. I research all of my content on the Surface Web (Normal Internet) to keep myself and others safe from harm or illegal operations. You may wish to follow these guidelines but ultimately it is your choice. I am not responsible for your actions and if you find yourself on the Deep Web or the Dark Web, please be careful with what you search for. You may find undesirable content that you may not wish to be exposed to, so please do not attempt any illegal acts/operations.

Thank you for co-operating



This is a suggestion post that I have created because I have had an idea. I wanted to create my own universe but universes are big. Very big. However, I have thought of a solution. Here you can comment your ideas on the universe and if I use one of them, you will be credited. I am planning to release it on the website when it is done so you can take inspiration from it to design your own. The whole point of this site is motivation, and I am here to try and advise you on different subjects so you can gain determination and put it into your World Building. This post is purely for suggestions, and any comments that are not relevant will be deleted. Have fun!



Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am interested to hear what you want me to post about. I am particularly interested in music and World Building (especially Sci-Fi). I have already uploaded numerous posts on Sci-Fi World Building and I would like to know if you have any suggestions or ideas. Please comment if you do! I may also be starting a Fantasy World Building post series, so follow the blog so you can see the posts as soon as they come out. If you help me with ideas, I will credit you in the title of the post so everyone can see your name.

P.S. I have edited this post since last time as I felt I needed a wider introduction.