Sci-Fi World Building: Governments

A government is the group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office.

Most governments in real life are somewhat corrupt, but we do not see it. Governments usually have members that exploit their power to get what they desire, but no-one complains because it is not against the law.

If you want to include governments into your Universe, then I will advise you on a few things:

  1. Never make your governments “good”. This means you should never have a government without its flaws. If you do not follow this rule, you may end up creating a group which seems unrealistic. However, you may want this to happen so later on you can reveal than in fact it is not as good as it seems. Just never make them all good.
  2. Don’t create too many evil governments. If you do this, your reader/moviegoer/player will start to get confused with all the different villains. Create one primary villainous organisation, and focus on them. That way you can move their story on faster to keep your audience interested.
  3. Don’t give your governments unlimited money. This one isn’t a major problem, it’s just something to be wary of. If you create a government who rules a single planet, it is probably unsuitable to give them 100 fleets with 3 Dreadnoughts in each one. Keep their military under control and don’t let it get out of hand. Also, be careful of their power. If you have a single planet government, don’t give them too much power, because you want to save that for the intergalactic governments. e.g. If you give the single planet government a 60km long Star Dreadnought, then for the intergalactic government, you will have to create an even bigger one, which is just ridiculous.
  4. Do not create fanatical governments. This is a big one. Lots of people do it, which is okay, but just be very cautious. No government in real life wants to take over Earth for the heck of it. They’d do it for the money and rewards. For example, in Star Wars, the Emperor takes over the entire galaxy, and for what? What is his goal? None of the films ever tell us why he did it. For power, and… that’s it.

If you follow these guidelines, you will most likely create a realistic government with interesting ideas and views. If you choose not to follow the guidelines, then it really doesn’t matter. If it seems good to you, then it probably is good.

The next few posts will be about something I generally find more fun. I have decided not to do monarchies because I didn’t see it as important enough. I have decided to base the next few posts on Star-ships, which are a signature icon of Science Fiction. I will also be analyzing different movies’ and TV series’ ships to discover their flaws and their weaknesses, so you can try to avoid them.

The next post specifically will be about Starfighters and the most common errors World builders make when designing them.

Bye 🙂