Sci-Fi World Building: Shuttles

A shuttle is a form of transport that travels regularly between two places. This can be a shuttle bus or a ferry, but in Sci-Fi, a shuttle is usually a small vehicle used for planet-to-planet transportation.

Usually, it fits a pilot and a few passengers but you can make them however big you want. Remember though, shuttles are typically not designed for battle and should really only be fitted with minor weaponry.

Like yesterday, I will give you an example to refer back to when you start designing your own.

The Epsilon-M6 Authority Shuttle can fit a pilot, three passengers and some small cargo. It is armed with small Ion turrets and a weak tractor beam.

It does not have a shield, but two starfighters accompany and protect it wherever it goes. It has 360 degree proton scanners and an inbuilt autopilot.

The Ship does not have much weaponry, because it was designed only to be a transport vessel. In real life, we don’t equip buses or trains with cannons or guns because it is simply not viable and unnecessary.

Only vehicles that are guaranteed to get attacked, such as military vehicles, are armed, and even then, they are not fully armed with six guns and seven turrets on each side.

This will be a short post because I couldn’t think of any more to say on the subject, and I hope the next post will offer more.

The next post will be about Cruisers, medium-sized warships often equipped with heavy weapons and defense forces.

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