Sci-Fi World Building: Starfighters

Starfighters are spacecraft intended to be used like warplanes in outer space.

They are often equipped with light weaponry and minimal defense so to lower the overall cost of mass production. They are also usually quite agile, able to turn and roll flexibly and easily.

However, they are not typically fitted with hyper drives, jump drives, or warp drives. Their engines are fast enough for what they are and often have low fuel reserves.

It is important you don’t make your fighters all too powerful as this can affect how powerful or intimidating your capital ships or dreadnoughts are.

Today I will discuss one of my own designs, the IU-Class Invader Fighter, and how it works.

The IU-Class is a small ship, holding one pilot and a life support machine. It consists of a metal wire frame sphere filled with glass, and two wings jutting out either side. It is highly maneuverable and can fit through small crevices and holes.

It is equipped with two basic missile launchers (non-homing) and a Ion micro-torpedo cannon, which can fire a torpedo once every 30 seconds.

The ship has a basic shield which is easily penetrated and 360 degree object detectors.

Its top speed is 598 mph and can be used in space and in atmospheres.

It is not heavily armored with top-of-the-range defense systems or weaponry, but it is cheap and easy to produce.

A common thing to do with starfighters is to make up different variants for different purposes. You could have a bomber, a reconnaissance transport, a heavy weapons ship, etc.

This will make it seem like your starfighter lacks a lot of things the variants make up for.

Starfighters are the “infantry” in space battles, compared to the bigger ships, which may be classed as “cavalry” or “artillery”.

Starfighters are usually expendable so you don’t need to describe every one’s destruction. They are also good to use in battle, as they can make the screen seem a little more crowded, hence making the fight look bigger.

The next post will be about Shuttles, and I once again will be sharing an example with you for reference.

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